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Our Green Credentials

The UK Energy Secretary said recently its "vital to cut emissions" but with the UK Government struggling to hit its own targets for curbing greenhouse gas emissions, NetDatatel has been considering the environment since it began trading in 2008 from a state of the art Manchester based datacentre that is now one of Europe's greenest and a model for many other datacentres that follow its example.


Servers work most efficiently and have a lengthened life cycle in climate controlled environments which have effective temperature, humidity and dust control. Utilising an innovative system that was completely designed by in-house engineers, NetDatatel is continually improving its PuE (Power Usage Efficiency) which on average falls significantly below 1.2 and while other datacentres offset their carbon footprint by initiatives such as planting trees, NetDatatel adopts a "real world" attitude that saves at least 1000 tons of carbon dioxide per year. All of these claims can be substantiated by granular records sampled every five minutes and stretching back years to the point the system was commissioned.

It's a well-known fact that datacentres consume massive amounts of electricity and many have a carbon footprint that outweighs many trans-global airlines. NetDatatel is supported by The Carbon Trust and its system design exceeds even their requirements. The system is monitored and regulated continually by bespoke software which again was designed by NetDatatel engineers.

The system in operation at NetDatatel's headquarters does not rely totally on traditional refrigerant technologies but instead uses a more efficient adiabatic air-exchange system whereby "sealed cold aisles" prevent hot air mixing with the expensive cold air. An innovative monitoring system automatically switches to conventional refrigeration whenever predetermined climatic conditions require it to be switched in. The exhaust hot air is used to heat all of the office accommodation located above the datafloor and an additional improvement to circulation is gained by using highly efficient extraction fans that are integrated into the automatic control system.


Further improvements to NetDatatel's sustainability are achieved by a recycling policy. Vast amounts of packaging arrive at the datacentre every day and, rather than simply destroying this, NetDatatel pays for its proper disposal at a local recycling centre.


In an effort to continually improve on their achievements,
non-critical lighting is on time switches throughout the various NetDatatel buildings, indeed old luminaires will be eventually replaced either with LED or other efficient lighting technologies. Some of the roof area of its new datacentre is south facing so photovoltaic cells are being considered as a viable source of renewable power.


Further still, NetDatatel guarantees power to all customers housed within its datacentre. So, to achieve this continuity even during major power cuts, NetDatatel has installed powerful diesel generators that have a strategic supply of fuel that can cope with lengthy outages. Testing these regularly means generating significant amounts of energy. In coordination with National Grid, these tests are scheduled for periods of high regional demand, reducing our
impact on the Grid during these periods. This further lowers the carbon footprint of NetDatatel.


Obviously there are real benefits for the environment but all of this effort has an impact on the bottom line and with escalating electricity charges, being green these days also means being more profitable and thereby more competitive so NetDatatel customers are the true winners.

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